Chaz LaFont Studio is a creative practice specializing in brand identity systems, visual communication marketing, and web development. The studio is able to call upon the resources of writers, photographers, developers, illustrators and web-designers from a network of professionals.


Collaborating with the client throughout the process is essential. Learning the business, its audience, its competitors, its industry, its contributions, and discovering its unique selling proposition is vital for positioning the business and creating visual messaging that is relevant to the audience receiving the message. The process outlined may vary depending on the type of project.


1. Analysis
Getting to know you and your business—it’s values, purpose, and goals

2. Direction
Defining the message and initiatives for moving forward

3. Design
Constructing the idea into visual form

4. Application
Producing the deliverables and activating the communication tools.

Common Inquiry

Why is it important for your marketing materials to look well designed and professional?

Because often times your prospects will subconsciously transfer that level of professionalism, or lack of professionalism, with the quality of your product or service. Well designed also translates: well communicated. The better you communicate your business, the better your results.

Why invest in professional design services? Aren’t there cheaper alternatives?

As a Graphic Designer, my obligation is to help you present your product or service, by means of visual communication. If you hire a Sales Representative for your business, his/her obligation would be to present your product or service, by means of audible communication and by building relationships. His/her communication skills will determine your return on investment. No two Sales Reps are alike in that regard. In the same way, how well a designer visually communicates your product or service will determine your return on investment.

What is Branding?

While marketing is how you communicate your product or service, branding is the perception your prospects and clients have about your business. It’s your reputation. You want the visuals that represent your business to reinforce that perception. A graphic designer will develop the core visual elements for your brand to be applied across all of your marketing, i.e. print, digital, video, environments, etc.. The core visual elements include: trademarks/logos, iconography, patterns, color management, typography, aesthetic language, and style guides (or branding guidelines). These elements are part of a visual identity system (or brand identity) and are consistently used throughout your marketing materials. Consistency is a key principle in effective branding.

Are you a good fit?

Do any of the following statements resonate with you and your business?

  • We are a new business
  • We want to improve how we visually represent our business
  • We need to communicate more clearly about who we are
  • We look behind the times
  • Our visual identity no longer fits who we are
  • Our visual identity doesn’t position us well with our competitors
  • We do not present a consistent look to our customers
  • All of our marketing looks like it comes from different companies
  • Our competitors look better than we do

If you can relate to any of these statements, get in touch! You can tell me about your business needs and I’ll propose a solution to help you and your business succeed to the best of my ability.